Answered: Discrepency in rules in two documents

I’m going to be an inspector for a competition tomorrow and noticed an inconsistency in two separate documents referring to a rule and was wondering which one to follow. In the Game Manual <R7> f. it states that the non-shattering plastic can be cut from a single 12"x24" sheet up to 0.070" thick.

While the Robot Inspection Checklist states, “any non shattering plastic on the robot was cut from a single sheet of 0.070” material not larger than 12"x24"."

To me, the latter implies the plastic must be exactly that thickness, while the former allows for a range.

I now understand why one year our team was asked to remove our thin plastic at the CREATE Open.

Which rule do we follow?

The Game Manual takes precedence. The checklist often uses abbreviated text due to space restrictions on the page. If there’s any confusion, please refer to the rule number in the manual that the inspection checklist cross-references.