Answered: Disqualified robots?

If and when a robot were to be disqualified what are the correct actions to take, is the robot then moved off the field? Does it stay on the field with the remote shut off? is the a break to shut off a robot? When it is the finals bracket and a team is disqualified in the autonomous period is the match over with an automatic win for the other team? I just want to make sure that its a clear decision in case of upcoming events.

Let’s take a look at the definition of Disqualification from the VEX Toss Up Game Manual.

Please note that a Disqualification is not the same as a Disablement.

No, this should never happen.

This should only happen if the team has earned a Disablement for violating <S1>, <S2>, or <SG6>. A Disqualification does not necessitate a Disablement.


Referees should always let the match play until completion. This allows them to discuss with the other referees before deciding up on the Disqualification.

For more information on Disqualifications and Disablements, please watch the following referee training video.

I thank you for the answer.

You’re welcome!

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