Answered: Do elevating points carry over from autonomous?

  • A Robot that is Low Elevated is worth twenty-five (25) points for its Alliance.
  • A Robot that is High Elevated is worth fifty (50) points for its Alliance.
  • At the end of the Autonomous Period the Alliance with the most points receives a ten (10) point bonus.

<G10> Scores will be calculated for all Matches immediately after the Match after all objects and Robots on the field come to rest.

Do Low/High “Elevating” points, if scored during autonomous, carry over to the end of the match when points are calculated? or do alliances need to elevate again at the end of the match for the (25) or (50) points to be calculated into their final score?

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Take a look at this previous question and answer:

Teams may earn points for Elevation during the Autonomous Period, however these points only count towards the determination of the Autonomous Bonus. To earn points for Elevation towards the final score, a Robot must be Elevated at the end of the Match.