Answered: Does scoring after the buzzer still count?

Imagine a robot has almost scored a cube on a post during autonomous but then the buzzer goes off. Autonomous has ended. The robots are disabled, or whatever it’s called when autonomous has ended. But then suppose a few seconds after the buzzer goes off, the robot’s grip on the cube loosens and the cube drops down onto the post. Would that cube be counted as part of the autonomous score? or does the buzzer itself separate scored from not scored?

I guess the same question applies to whether or not a robot is touching its skyrise or any other scoring object - if the buzzer goes off but the robot slouches away from a scoring object and therefore no longer touches it, do the referees consider the robot as touching or not?

I had originally posted this question in a non-official part of the forum and sensed a shared uncertainty about this type of situation.

Rule <G10>, quoted below, which is applied at the end of the match, is also applied at the end of the Autonomous Period.

So I guess a robot that is still moving as part of its mechanical relaxation (i.e. the arm sags down, the claw loses power) would be considered not to have yet “come to rest.”

Thanks, Karthik. :slight_smile:

Yes, this is correct, and how it is ruled at the end of the match as well.

You’re welcome!

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