Answered: "double touch" Negation Barrel question

I just got asked this and suddenly I am unclear on the answer…I searched the forums but couldn’t find this exact example, but I may just be tired.

The center goal is full of red game objects.

Blue attempts to put the negation barrel on top of the pile.

Red rushes up and a struggle of epic proportions ensues.

The net result after the final bell sounds is the negation barrel is held over the goal by both robots. Both robots are touching the barrel.

<SG3> A Barrel or Ball is not considered scored if it is being touched by a robot on an alliance of the same color at the end of the Match.
• If a Robot is touching a Negation Barrel at the end of the Match, the Negation Barrel will only cancel the value of all points for its own Alliance in the Circular Goal. (See figure 13)

so if blue is touching the barrel then only its are negated…but they have none…but red is touching and that means reds are negated?..
but the rule does say will ONLY cancel the points for its own Alliance?

but by staying in contact blue ensures red cannot descore it and wont be harmed?

Told you I was confusing myself…

so what is the ruling in this “double touch” negation barrel?
Am I missing something?

Both alliances would have all Scoring Objects in the given goal Negated. This can be seen by looking at the official VEX Gateway Scoring Flow Chart

Thank you and very awesome diagram btw:)

You’re welcome!