Answered: Download help!

Hey! i recently got my first vex kit, and so far nothing is working. at first my computer didnt recognise my robot, so i got a different cord but then it said that it didnt have the right mastercode. the help tab said to do this whole IFI VEXnet
firmware upgrade thing, but the SEARCH never recognised the joystick. it also says that the batteries are low even though i just replaced them. im in a competition in a week and i dont even have a moving robot. any tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated especially if they were sooner rather than later. Thanks!
-Hector Snail


Sounds like you need to manually set your unit in bootload mode.
Try this:

  1. Open the IFI VEXnet Firmware Upgrade
  2. Press and hold the “Config” button on the Cortex/ Joystick
  3. As you hold the button, connect the USB A-to-A cable from PC to Cortex/ Joystick
  4. Once you connect you will see at the LEDs flash green, at this point release the button
  5. You will see the GAME and ROBOT LEDs blinking green, which indicates bootload mode
  6. Click search on the IFI VEXnet Upgrade Utility
  7. Click Download on the IFI VEXnet Upgrade Utility

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