Answered: DQ? Being tipped onto the gate

Alliances Red ® and Blue (B) each have robots 1 and 2. (R1 & R2 vs. B1 & B2).

If R1 tips over B1 in such a way that the ref determines it egregious and they are DQed. Due to being tipped, B1 falls on top of the Blue gate and is unable to right itself. In this case B1 would violate SG12 because they would interact with the gate for longer than 5 seconds.

A) Would B1 be disqualified in this situation? I would believe no

B)If the blue alliance cannot physically raise their gate because the robot is jammed in some way,(or it would require excessive force to raise the gate). What would the ruling be in this case?

You are correct, B1 would not be disqualified in this situation. Robots who are illegally tipped or pinned into the Gate will not be considered to be in violation of <SG12>

The referee should attempt to clear any Gate jams if there is a safe opportunity to do so. However, if it is a tipped robot which is being cleared from the Gate, this robot would not be allowed to operate after being cleared from the Gate. There should be no disqualification under <SG11> for not lifting the Gate if it has jammed.