Answered: DQ in elimination match

Does a DQ in an elimination match mean loss of 1 (out of a possible 3) match or loss of the entire round (your done for the day). Until this last weekend I have always seen it called as the latter (numerous times) and when I went to reference the rules it appears that a DQ only requires a single match loss but could(?) be the entire tournament at the head ref’s discretion.

Disqualification – A penalty applied to a team for a rules violation. A team that is Disqualified in a Qualifying Match receives zero (0) WP and SP. When a team is Disqualified in an Elimination Match the entire Alliance is Disqualified and they receive a loss for the Match. At the head referee’s discretion, repeated violations and Disqualifications for a single team may lead to its Disqualification for the entire tournament. Please see Section 3 – The Tournament for further details and associated definitions.

Section 3
If a team is Disqualified during an Elimination Match, then their entire alliance is Disqualified, and the match will be recorded as a loss.

The definition of a match is
*Match – A Match consists of an Autonomous Period followed by a Driver Controlled Period for a total time of two minutes, (2:00). *

I’m sorry to ask what seems obvious, but I’ve seen it called so many times as an automatic “end of the tournament” for DQs in elimination that I want to be sure which way is actually correct. Basically, whether a DQ in the elimination round means loss of a single match or DQ from the entire tournament for all 3 teams or is it at the head refs discretion.

Thank you.

A DQ in the elimination rounds means the alliance would lose the match they were playing in. It does not mean a DQ from the entire tournament. Disqualifications for the entire tournament only occur in the most extreme circumstances.