Answered: Dragging scoring items

We are curious, can you drag scoring items back to team tile and then match load them during the match? Or do they have to come from the preload pile? Also, we don’t understand the difference/strategy of isolation zone. Can you please shed light on this.

No, this would not be allowed. The only Scoring Objects that you are allowed to manipulate as a Driver/Coach are the Match Loads, Doubler Barrel and Negation Barrel.

The Isolation Zone is protected by both the Gate and the Fence. No team may enter (intentionally touch the foam tiles) an Isolation Zone when the Gate for that zone is down. Thus, there are strategic advantages to being in that zone while the Gate is down.

Karthik: If both teams get to start out in an isolation zone anyways, how does that help? I can understand if one team (Two red) both start out in iso zones… Just curious. I know Red gets last to be placed before match, how does that help though?

This forum really isn’t intended to be used for strategy discussions, but I’ll just say this, there are a multitude of advantages to having one of your robots in the Isolation Zone. If an alliance doesn’t think it is an advantage, they can lift their gate immediately.