Answered: Drilling Holes in Game Objects to Fix Distortion

Right now our team is having problems with pressurized buckyballs. We believe this is due to the buckyballs being manufactured at sea level, and since we we are all the way up in Colorado there is a significant change in air pressure.

Similar to what we did to fix this problem in Gateway, are we allowed to drill holes into the buckyballs to fix this pressure issue, and if so, where should the hole be drilled?

Yes, in extreme cases like this it is permissible for events to drill a small hole no larger than 1/8" in diameter to alleviate the pressure and allow the Scoring Objects to return back to spec. This hole should be drilled in the BuckyBalls “belly button” (see attached image) – the location where the plastic was injected into the mold. Drilling the hole in this already irregular surface will minimize the impact the hole may have on robot performance.
Pressure Relief (1).jpg

Thank you Karthik :slight_smile:

You’re welcome.

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