Answered: Driver Control Loads Placement Question

I know this has come up in a couple other threads, but I’m still very lost. According to <SG6> (which is above), we can’t break the plane of the field. Does that mean the only way to place driver control loads on our robot or onto the loading zone is to lightly toss them on, or can you actually place them directly onto the loading zone tiles or put directly onto the robot (as in not dropping them, but placing them onto the tiles/robot)?

Um not sure if either this thread hasn’t gotten a reply yet or I did something wrong when I first created it and no one is seeing the post XD

You are correct, this question has come up multiple times in the Q&A forum. Before we start, please take a look at these three earlier Q&A’s which address this topic. In general we kindly ask that you please search the Q&A for similar questions, especially when there are so few entries to search through.

You cannot break the plane of the field to place Driver Control Loads onto your Robot.


Thank you very much Karthik :slight_smile:

You’re welcome!