Answered: Driver load ball.

So at recent events in the state some teams have just a set of side by side fly wheels and are applying force to the ball to push the ball through the wheels. There is nothing else on the robot to drive a ball through the fly wheels.

Other robots have let go of the ball into their robot then pushed the ball to the fly wheels while the robot doesn’t move.

My question is either of these scenarios legal for teams to be doing. My inclination is that neither action is legal I was just asking for clarification.

Thank you

It’s hard to give any sort of blanket ruling here without seeing the Robot in question. The general rule of thumb is that if the Ball is completely dependent on the Driver’s physical actions to enter the Robot, this would not be legal. For example, it is legal to roll a ball into a moving intake, however it’s not legal to jam the ball through an intake with opening smaller than the ball. However, referees should give teams the benefit of the doubt in these situations as this is a pure judgement call.

Once the Driver Control Load has been let go of, it cannot be adjusted.