Answered: Driver loading when Intake is outisde loading zone

our robot has the intake on the front of it, and the intake consists of the spinning overhead wheels, these wheel spin, and drag the ball along the floor for 6 or so inches before lifting them into the shooter. the intake sticks out in front of the line for the loading zone. I asked on here a while back if we were allowed to place the balls onto a robot even if the part of the robot we were putting them on was out side of the loading zone, the answer was yes

when we feed our driver control loads we push the ball into these spinning wheels, a ref ruled that this was illegal, when I brought up the ruling from earlier, he said he understood, but that we were not placing the ball on a robot, but rather on the tile under the robot, and that part of the tile was outside the loading zone.

would our action here be illegal or are we ok to keep doing this

Without seeing your actual action, it’s impossible to issue a blanket ruling.

In general, if the first thing the Ball contacts is your Robot, this would be legal. However if the first thing the Ball contacts is a Tile outside of the Loading Zone, this would be illegal.