Answered: Driver loads Clarification

Hey Karthik,

I know you have answered many questions about loading balls into robots but going off of this Q&A thread:
Answered: Pre-loading a robot that is partialy outside the loading zone

Off of this ruling would it be OK to feed the ball into a robot that has its intake close to the ground so the ball I introduce touches outside the loading zone but still on the colored tile but also my intake at the same time?

I know this may not be a blanket ruling but we just had a discussion today bout this when working on our robots and wanted to know your thoughts.

Thanks in advance

As per <SG6> the Ball must be loaded such that it touches a Robot that is contacting the Loading Zone, or such that the Ball is touching the Loading Zone. Thus if the first point of contact of the Ball is outside the Loading Zone, this would be illegal. In the situation you’ve described, the Ball must touch the Robot first before touching the tile outside the Loading Zone.