Answered: Drivers Skills/Normal Matches

Would it be legal to “Grab and move” Parts on a bot, during the drivers skills challenge or regular match.
This would happen before the robot has left the tile.

ie: pull the arm up, unlatch a “hook”, pull something on a linear slide. etc etc.

Thank you,

M. Nelson - Team Captain

No, this is not legal. Let’s take a look at the applicable rule from the VEX Gateway Game Manual. I’ve bolded some text for emphasis.

First off lets consider the Autonomous Mode:

What you’ve described is definitely considered changing the configuration of the robot, and is thus illegal.

Now, let’s consider the Driver Controlled Mode:

Thus, you would only be allowed to repair robots which have never left the starting tile. The actions you described do not fall under this criteria.

Thank you, that answers quite a bit except for…

"<SG6> During the Driver Controlled Period, Drivers and Coaches may handle their own Robot as long as the robot has never left the Alliance Starting Tile. The intent of this rule is to allow teams to fix Robots which were unable to move at the start of the Match. "

It states that it is “Intended” for repair etc etc. Though does not say specifically that you may not do such things. Will there be a change to this rule?

But otherwise. Thank you for the clarification.

There will be no change to this rule. It has been made quite clear through both the intent statement and multiple Q&A clarifications that the only handling that is permitted during the Driver Control Period is the fixing of robots.

Alright, Thank you for the clarification on that rule.

-M Nelson

You’re welcome.