Answered: Duration of Time Outs

This states that there is a set maximum time of three minutes allowed per time out; does this then mean that, for example:

The team must be within the vicinity of the field by the end of the time out.

The team must be on the field placing their robot by the end of the time out.

The robot must be have been already placed by the end of the time out.

The match will start immediately at the end of the time out.

Or, is all of this up to the head referee to decide on a case-by-case basis?

Teams are expected to be on the field at the end of the timeout. Depending on the situation, a referee may allow a team some extra freedom. Our goal is to allow every team adequate time to get their robot ready for a match. However, teams who consistently are late or are taking advantage of the leniency of the referees will quickly lose this extra freedom.