Answered: Early Graduation Eligibility

Hello VEX staff,

I don’t have a question, so much as I have a request. Presently the vex rules state:

I (as I know others are also) in a bit of a tough spot. I really love VEX and would love to continue with it next year, however if I opt to graduate early over this summer, I would not be eligible. I am presently debating not graduating as early as originally intended and extending my school for another semester in order to be eligible for vex. (Because technically I only need to be eligible upon registration, not throughout the whole season, an answer given to me by @Foster.)

I’m not sure what the intent of this rule is, however, unless I misunderstand the rule, it doesn’t seem like vex would want to block those graduating more than a year early, it just wants to keep college students out of high school vex. There is a sort of grey area however and that is for people like me, that would “normally” be in high school and are not yet enrolled in a college. Vex doesn’t really have a place for people who fit that criteria.

I would also like to address one final thought. If the intent of the rule is to keep high school teams from only having members that are attending that given high school, then this doesn’t really make sense when applied to the many non-school run organizations that pull from many different schools (such as my organization - vexmen) which pulls from probably 5-6 schools just for high school.

I would like to kindly request that vex reviews the rule as it stands and perhaps makes a modification of this rule to allow for early graduates not yet attending college to still participate fully. I would propose an update myself, however I’m not sure how to best word the rule. Another idea, instead of a rule change, is to implement some sort of a “wavier” system such that early graduates who are not yet attending college could apply for an exception. I hope that my message sparks some renewed debate into the subject as I know it has been touched on several times of the years.

Thanks for your time!
Ethan Matlack

P.S. - One final note: Is it possible that a decision could be made before this summer? I know this is a lot to ask, and I’m sorry, but if this rule is updated, then I’ll want to know before this summer that way I’ll know whether to schedule classes or not and finish early. Yes, vex is important enough to me that I will plan my school around it. :slight_smile:

This forum is not meant for requests of this type. That being said, thanks for the feedback, we’ll keep this in mind while evaluating student eligibility rules.