Answered: Electrical Tape Limits


My team and I are wondering how much electrical tape you can use. In the past VEX has let us use it to hold our wires together but now we are using it a a slippery surface for the balls. Can we do this? We used about 7 12 inch pieces

No, this is absolutely not permitted. Electrical tape is not an official VEX part, and as such cannot be used unless it falls into one of the categories listed in <R6> or <R7>. After examining these rules you will see that it does not.

Hello, my team and I have used electrical tape in the past to hold wire extenders to the original wire, we are wondering if we can’t even use it for that.:confused:

No, this would be considered a functional use, and thus not permitted by <R7>.

Is this a new rule because in the past we have used it for the wire extenders and even at Dallas last year. Do you know if we have been braking the rule all a long.

This is not a new rule. Without seeing your past robots, I cannot tell if you have broken this rule in the past. Your past inspectors may have had a reason for allowing the tape, or it may have just been an oversight. Regardless, tape is not allowed for functional purposes in the VRC.