Answered: Elevating in Autonomous?

So I have heard many people talking about high elevating during autonomous. But this rule below states that you can only become larger in height during the last thirty seconds of the match.

Karthik implied in this post below that you can high elevate during autonomous. But many people have said that you can and you can’t high elevate during autonomous.

I am getting mixed answers, and I am unsure of what is actually true. Can you please clear this up? Thanks in advance.

Your Robot can only become taller than 18" during the last 0:30 of the Match and while completely within the Climbing Zone. However, please remember that height is measured as if the Robot were on the foam tiles. There’s nothing preventing a Robot from being lifted by, or climbing onto, another Robot at anytime during the Match, provided that the Robot’s own height does not expand beyond 18".

Ok, that makes sense now. Thank you for the quick response!

You’re welcome!