Answered: Elevation Clarification

Hi Karthik!

I am very confused about how the elevation rules are worded in the Vex Manual. Can points be awarded for elevating their partner after the Autonomous Period has ended and be counted for Autonomous? And if this is true, I believe the rules say that you can expand beyond 18’’ by 18’’ (Length and Width) but you can only expand beyond 18’’ height in the last 30 seconds of the Driver Control Period. So, could a robot elevate their partner in the Autonomous Period? And could a robot not be called on the rule of <G2> because the beginning of a match is the beginning of the Autonomous Period and not the Driver Control Period? Thank You!!!

Spencer Wells



<G2> applies at the start of the Match. <SG3> applies for the duration of the match, with the exception of the allownce in <SG10>. Both rules are quoted below.