Answered: Elevation clarification

I’m sorry to belabor this but I’ve read the game manual several times and at least two versions and the response regarding using the wall seems to contradict what I’ve read.
The manual states:
Climbing Zone – The volume formed by the infinite vertical projection of the outer edges of the tape lines and field perimeter bounding the four (4) foam field tiles located in the corners of the field adjacent to the Alliance Stations.

You clarified
The Climbing Zone is bounded by the outer edges of the Field Perimeter.

Which seams to imply that th top of the wall is inside the climbing zone and can be used by the lifting robot.

I don’t understand how to reconcile this with the rules on low elevation which state

If criteria #4 is in question, referees will gently pull the supporting Robot away from the field perimeter. If the Low Elevated Robot does not remain Low Elevated and supported by the supporting Robot it is not Low Elevated. (i.e. It must be only supported by its partner, not the field perimeter)

The phrase “only supported by its partner” seems to imply that the perimeter my not be used for support.

I have misunderstood something so let me ask more specifically…

Can the lift robot use the top of the perimeter for support as long as it does not extend over the outside edge and the lifted robot is not touching the perimeter?

Does this also apply to low elevation?

Thank you for your patience. I just want to get this right.

No. It may contact the top of the field perimeter, or break the plane of the field perimeter, however the lifted Robot must be completely supported the lifting Robot, not the field perimeter.