Answered: Eliminations Question

Hey @Karthik ,
Back in January, during our first quarterfinal match of the day, the refs decided to check every robots size one last time, and both my alliances failed, but we passed, so they called a quick timeout, but neither team could fix the size issue. So, we had to play in the match against our opponents. Thankfully we won the match, but after that match, when both our alliances fixed the issue, they decided they wanted us to go again with one of the other robots in our alliance. The head ref said that we could not play, and the other two teams in our alliance had to play the second match since we were the only ones who played in the first match. We told the ref, that since one of the other teams had a representative on the field with us, that we technically had two teams at the field, so we could play with the other team who wasn’t represented on the field, and the head ref said absolutely not. I wanted to ask and see if the head ref was correct in saying that we were not allowed to play in this situation. Thanks again for your help, and if you have any questions, please let me know.

As long as a Drive Team Member represents a Team in the Alliance Selection, that team should be given credit for playing in the Match, regardless of whether or not their Robot takes the field.