Answered: End Of Game Hanging Question?

Hello , i did some looking and couldn’t really find anything immediately, sorry for wasting your time if it has been answered before …

Hypothetically …

if a robot was high hanging with a large ball and needed to be motorised to hold it up, when the robot is deactivated at the end of the game, and the robot lowered itself back onto the field, would the robot be classed as high hanging holding a large ball if at the end of the game when the clock stops, it is above the limit to be classed as high hanging, or does it have to stay high hanging until the game is scored

thanks in advance

We ask you to please thoroughly read the VEX Toss Up Game Manual and to please review the Q&A Usage Guidelines before posting in this forum. Specifically, please quote the rule or definition that your question is referring to. In this case, there’s a specific rule that answers your question directly.

Let’s take a look at the specific rule which deals with the timing of scoring of matches.

Thus, Robots will be evaluated for Hanging at the point where they come to rest after the match. So a Robot which is Hanging at 0:00, will need to remain Hanging after that point. Robots which drop to the ground after the Match will not earn points for Hanging.

thank you for a quick response ! :cool:

You’re welcome.

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