Answered: Enemies tipping their own caged mobile goals

Hello! In the thread you said that putting cages on goals is legal and you said in you can push enemy goals with a concave surface and in you said you can hoard enemy mobile goals. In the event that a team ‘cages’ a stack of enemy cones and the enemy robot knocks it over, who, if anyone, is DQed? If an enemy robot has a stack of cones on their robot and we ‘cage’ it, are we liable for it tipping when they drive away? How is the blame of who tipped the mobile goal decided?

First off, there are no enemies in the VEX Robotics Competition. :slight_smile:

It’s hard to issue any sort of blanket ruling on these hypotheticals, however in a situation where a Robot places a cage over their opponent’s Stack, the Robot who placed the cage is most likely going to be held responsible if the Cones are removed from the Stack. Perhaps if you describe a more specific situation, we can provide a more specific answer.