Answered: Entering Multiple Categories

I seem to recall that a student and/or team is allowed to enter more than one category in the Online Challenges (for example, a student could enter the essay contest, and that same student could submit a team video in another category), but when I searched for explicit confirmation of this, I couldn’t find it, either on or the forum. I just wanted to confirm – is this allowed?

Also, when I “spied” on a team student’s submission (How to Hold Up an Arm & How to Problem-Solve) here, I noticed that there is no name under “Submitted By:”, and I was wondering if that would present a problem, and how to fix it if so. I’m able to access and view both the video and the document.

Absolutely – we not only permit this, we encourage students to enter as many of the challenges as they want.

We do not display it for youth protection reasons, but the entry form collects both the entrant’s name and the name and email of the entrant’s adult advisor.