Answered: Essay Submission Awards

I was wondering when and where we should submit the entries for the Teacher of the Year, Mentor of the Year, etc. awards. After searching the board, this site was used for last year and is still active:

Should we submit to this site, or is there a specific procedure to follow?

I realize that a similar question was asked in January and was set to “Pending.” However, with less than a month until Worlds and no answer, I figured asking again would be appropriate.

This information has been sent to all of the world championship teams a couple times. Here’s the information for the 6 awards teams can submit for online in advance of the World Championship:

Special World Championship Online Award Submissions
There will be many awards earned by teams at the 2010 VRC World Championship. Judges will be present at the event, observing and speaking with teams during the competition to evaluate them on award criteria. However, there are six awards that require special interviews, presentations and/or online submissions in advance of the event at:

-Teams that wish to be judged for the Design or Future Awards will need to submit entries online by April 9 and will need to sign up online for presentation/interview time slots. The interviews and presentations for these two awards will take place during the event in Dallas, most on Thursday, April 22.

-For the Community and/or Unite Awards, teams that fit the criteria and wish to be judged for these awards can submit their entries online by April 9.

-Students can nominate one teacher and one mentor from their team for the Teacher of the Year and Mentor of the Year awards. These nominations must also be submitted online by the April 9 deadline.

If your team wishes to submit entries to be judged for any of the above-mentioned awards, please do so online by April 9 at:

Descriptions of all the awards can be found in the Awards Appendix (