Answered: Even More <SG9> Clarification: Robot Using Trough for "Wheelie"

Hi Karthik,

In this thread you ruled:

I had a few questions regarding this ruling.

  1. Are you saying that such action is illegal? Or does this depend on the refree’s judgement at the event as it is difficult to make a blanket ruling? Is “popping a wheelie” on the trough in itself automatically “likely to damage the field,” or is this more on a case-by-case basis?
    Under what circumstances are “popping a wheelie” on the trough permitted, if any?

  2. Let’s say a robot were in the “scoring phase” exactly as depicted in the quoted thread (not suspended off the ground), and were to simply over-rotate its arm momentarily and elevated its wheels off the ground. The driver immediately lowers back down as soon as they realized they momentarily hung. Because this is not a sustained “hang” as a sack-defense maneuver, and instead was just a momentary driver error, would this face scrutiny as described in your original ruling?

This will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Accidental and momentary occasions of hanging off the trough would not be penalized.

This type of action would be legal.

Basically, accidentally hanging off the trough or getting stuck on it is not going to be penalized. Egregious cases of teams attaching and hanging off the trough will be penalized.

Thanks for the response Karthik! And for all the other hard work you do for the robotics community!

You’re welcome, and thanks for the kind words!