Answered: Expanding beyond climbing zone - clarification (again)


I asked the question last week if a lift could be negated if a lifting robot expanded outside the climbing zone when deploying their lifting mechanism, to which you responded that there wasn’t a rule that allowed a ref to negate a lift:

As I was going through the rules, again, I noticed the following at the end of <SG10> (bolded/italicized for emphasis):

If I’m reading that right, a robot (and their alliance partner) that has expanded outside of 18" x 18", while not completely within the climbing zone, would not be eligible for the points awarded for climbing (elevation points).

I apologize for missing that the first time and having to ask again…I want to make sure the rule is clear for our state tournament this weekend.

Thanks, in advance!

I should be the one apologizing, as I misspoke in my original response. Your interpretation of <SG10> is correct. Thanks for pointing this out.