Answered: Expanding out

When reading the rules and forum posts, I have noticed that in SG10 it says:
<SG10> …Robots may expand above the 18” height limit while completely within the volume of the Climbing Zone and with less than thirty seconds (0:30) left in the Match.

In SG3 it says:
<SG3> A Robot may not expand beyond a volume of 18 inches wide by 18 inches long by 18 inches tall at any point during the Match, with the exception of the allowance listed in

So my question is in SG10 it says you can expand above the 18" limit, while in SG3 it says you may not expand beyond the 3 18" side and top limits until the last 30 seconds.

**Can you expand out to the sides beyond the 18" limit in the last 30 seconds for a lift or climb? ** I am just checking the “above” declaration in SG10 vs SG3 where it lists all 3 limits.


Yes, this is legal. Up until the last 0:30, expansion is limited to the X and Y dimensions. In the last 0:30 sections, you can expand in X, Y, and Z. In both cases you must be completely within the Climbing Zone.