Answered: Extending robot by hand during match?...

Say my robot has a mechanism inside the 18" cube that can pivot using hinges, would I be able to push the mechanism so that it could extend?
I wouldn’t be attatching or detatching any parts and I wouldn’t need any tools to make it pivot on the hinge.
It would be just like repositioning the robot to a different orientation.

Let’s take a look at the applicable rule from the VEX Gateway Game Manual. I’ve bolded some text for emphasis.

What you’ve described is definitely considered changing the configuration of the robot, and is thus illegal.

Ok thanks but I have one more question.

What If I am adding match loads to my robot and due to the match loads the robot expands? Would that be legal?

Please take a look at the following Q&A entry:

I’ve copied and pasted the most important part below.