Answered: extending the bot, adding pieces, and match loads (in vex gateway)

Hello, I have 3 questions about the new game, Gateway.

  1. Is it legal to physically extend a mechanism in autonomous? Also is this legal in the robot skills if it hasn’t left the color alliance square?

Rule <SG5> says that I can in autonomous (I think).

But for robot skills rule and <SG6> say:

What is worrying me is the bolded part but I am not sure.

  1. Is it legal to add parts to the robot? For example adding a nut and screw.

I know it is illegal to detach parts (as in <G10>) but what about the opposite?

  1. Is it legal to match load scoring objects into goals while it is touching the robot, which is touching the color alliance square?

I don’t think this is legal because of the bolded part in rule <SG7>.

Sorry to bump this but I want to know the answer to these questions.

Also I have another question.

Acoording to rule <G8> if I remove a scoring obect from the field I either have to scoring or descoring. Does this mean when I pick up an opponets ring I have to score or descore it? Also can I put it in a bucket?

No, this is not legal. Please see the updated version of <SG5>, quoted below, from the VEX Gateway Game Manual.

No this is not legal. Your Robot is what is placed on the field prior to the match. Nothing further can be added.

No, this would not be allowed. Your analysis of <SG7> is correct.

<G8> refers to objects being removed from the playing field, it has no effect on rules pertaining to descoring.