Answered: Extension Wiring

I would just like to confirm a couple of competition rules and my interpretation to make sure we are OK with our robots. May we create our own wiring extensions from commercially available wire, that is roughly equivalent to the wire that is used in the 2 and 3 connector wires extensions that are available from VEX? It would be hard to be sure that the wire is absolutely identical to that used by vex and there is no specification available on parts list. Creating the custom cables would allow for the proper cable management and lengths when wiring the robots. The rule uses the term ‘repair’ so I wanted to correctly interpret the rule.

Also, I had an idea for improving the wiring of the Robots, by providing a block that could be inserted into the motor ports on the cortex and providing tail wires for each of the ports to allow the motor controllers or motors to be plugged into. Is it worth investigating this sort of thing, or would it be deemed illegal?

Thank you for your attention.

This is legal, provided that the wires are identical to ones that are part of the VEX EDR product line. Please note, to be considered identical, the wires must be the same length as those included in the VEX EDR product line. Custom lengths would not be allowed.

No, this is not legal. Custom electronics would violate multiple rules.