Answered: failed to get vex system info

Downloading code from V4 to the cortex I get get the following error. failed to get system info. trying to get info with the cable unplugged. But the USB cable is plugged in and my computer recognized it on serial port 4.

I am assuming you are trying to download User Code to the Cortex. Are you running the latest version of your programming software? Have you installed the new VEX Driver required when using Master Code 3.0 or higher? Have you update the Master Code in your Cortex and Joystick using the Upgrade Utility Tool? You need to verify all of the above have been completed and then try downloading your User Code to the Cortex again.

We are trying to download a standalone project, and we have seemingly done all of the above numerous times. The controller and the joystick seem to be communicating via the wireless and tether cord.

I upgraded Cortex V4 to the newest version and when I download and use the firmware upgrade utility it says it already has the newest version.

What is the version of V4 software are you running. Also, when you open the easyC version of the VEXnet Upgrade Utility, what is the version that is displayed at the top of the Tool?

V4 software is and the upgrade utility is 3.1.6a

You do not have the correct version of the Upgrade Utility Tool, it should be version 3.1.13. Open the easyC software and “check for update”. Then click on the Download easyC V4 – and do any upgrade/repair installation of the software. When that has completed, open the Upgrade Utility Tool and check the version. If it is correct, download the Master Code to the Cortex and Joystick. Now try downloading your User Code again.

I have downloaded all software updates and the controller and joystick now seem to be communicating. I started with default code on the Cortex and the only problem now seems to be that the motor ports don’t seem to be corelating to the same channels on the joystick. Is that all set with programming?

Ok great. As for the Motor Ports, all the Port Motors and what Joystick Channel controls them is all a function of programming. The Defautl mapping of the Channels to Motor Ports for the Default Code is defined in the User’s Guide which can be found on the WiKi Cortex page. Also, you can change any or all of the Motor Port mapping by writing your own program – Users Code.

Thank you for helping with this, I have another cortex/joystick combo I’m having trouble with as well. I’m using the trouble shooting flow chart to try and do this by myself but it seems to be sending me in a circle. The two will link when I have them tethered but can get them to link up with the wireless keys.

You probably have a bad VEXnet Key. First use the Upgrade Tool on both the Cortex and Joystick first – in fact any time you have problems, always use the Upgrade Tool first as it can correct some problems (provided the Tool is up-to-date). After that, try 2 “good” VEXnet Keys from a working system to verify if the Keys have issues. At the same time, you can try the Keys in question in the “good” working VEXnet system.