Answered: Falling and pinning

During my practice today , the red alliance robot accidentally flip a blue alliance robot however was entangled . From the manual , the blue robot was suppose to raise their arm , however due to some problem , they are unable to raise , would the referee come in and release the two robot ?

Referees will not manually release Entangled robots. It is up to the teams to release themselves, without any human contact/interference.

What if , due to some technical problems , like motor over heating OR the other team do not want to release OR no connection between the vexnets, how would the referee reach his decision?

Referees will never release entangled robots, unless there is a severe safety issue.

Penalties for Entanglement will only be issued if the Referees deem the entanglement to be intentional. This is spelled out in <G11> from the VEX Gateway Game Manual, quoted below.