Answered: Faux Power Expander

I have a feeling i know the answer to this… But just in case:
Is it permissible to make a power expander of sorts that will simply be two wires that have two male connectors attached in parallel to a female connector so that we will be able to link two battery packs in parallel?

This is NOT legal.

Darn. Thanks again.

Is there anything that can do this other than the $50 one here? Or is it necessary? I’ve run the setup mentioned before on many model heli’s without mishap… am i missing something?:confused:

The Power Expander has other virtues beyond doubling battery capacity. It does a lot more than just act as a Y-cable. Refer to this article on the Wiki:

The rules for VEX Clean Sweep do not allow what you are proposing.

I wasn’t aware that the controller would limit the ammount of current. Still, it would extend the run time, and i’m not hugely lacking for power. Is there anything or any legal way to use two batteries without dropping $50, even if its just run through the controller?

For competition? No.

Darn. Thanks anyways. Is this perhaps something to put in the product ideas post?