Answered: Field Assembly questions Urgent

Please could you clarify how the Fields will be constructed at the world champs.

Our fields have to be assembeled so that the polycarb is on the outside and the ‘walls’ rest on the foam surface (There are no holes for mounting goals etc on the polycard face of the panels. This results in the autoloaders being higher than the 2" off the surface as the field drawings show.

How will the World champs fields be constructed?
Are we supposed to drill our own holes for the goals and Autoloaders?

Video’s of previous games seem to show the polycarb on the outside!

The fields at the World Championship will be assembled exactly as described in the official field assembly guide. This document is posted here as part of Appendix A of the Elevation game manual:

Direct link to the file download:

It sounds as though your field is assembled incorrectly. The “smooth” side of the wall panels goes towards the inside of the field. There are mounting holes on this face for attaching the autoloaders and goals.](

Thank you. We have just found out that our fields are of an older vintage than those being used in this years game. So it has been decided to finish our season with them the wrong way round, it’s the only way we can get them to work, the differences are minor and the teams are used to them.