Answered: Field Controller question

Hey all,
At our competition at our school the feild controller was faulty, which caused our best robot to lose in the semi finals, and the other teams robot to to not work TWICE in the finals. What went wrong, the plug was broken on the controller. But the referee would not accept the fact it was broken, and only ended up admitting it after the comp and that was after all our three teams complained and I was the only person who overheard him talking the organiser :eek:. Is there anything you can do to request a check of the equipment after a game, and if there is do you get a rematch or do you just have to play on? Because our team was very angry after that, the robot that had the best autonomous at that comp, and somebody elses robot in the FINAL screwing up is not something you can jsut ignore. And if there is no rule, can you submit something to apply for a new rule?


First off, I’m sorry to hear you had problems at the event. Hopefully your team still had fun at the event, and everyone had a positive overall experience. I would hate for something like this to cloud all the celebrations inherent in completing a robot and competing.

Here is how things work at the VEX World Championships:
If something happens the team would make competition personnel aware that a problem occurred. These competition personnel would then work with the team to diagnose the problem, and remedy it. If a failure occurs which can be proved was the fault of the field then a rematch will be played. If the failure is to believed to be related to the robot, or something within the responsibilities of the team no replay will be awarded.

We cannot directly control every aspect of every local event. If you have concerns about the way things were played, we recommend you contact your event organizer and discuss what happened. Hopefully this will be resolved for future years.

Another side of this…
Sometimes when you “know” what happened, you really have no idea what happened. I’m willing to give your event organizers the benefit of the doubt and believe they were doing everything they could to fix the problem.

There is a chance you don’t know the whole story. There is a chance you didn’t hear quite what you thought you heard. There is a chance the person you overheard didn’t know what they were talking about.

Hopefully each event partner follows the procedure I described above. I can’t really comment on any incident I wasn’t a witness too, but like I said… I’ll give our event partners the benefit of the doubt. These are some great and very hard working people who make our competitions possible.

Oh well, thanks for the answer.
I suppose you do have a point about what I heard.
Everyone did have fun though, and we’re getting all pumped up for the nationals in 2 weeks :open_mouth: then it’s dallas for whoever wins. It’s just that we don’t want it happening again. And the organisers have hosted multiple other events without anything bad happening. So i suppose it was just a one of.
Thanks very much anyway.