Answered: Field Element - Middle divider

I’m trying to build a field, and I cannot get any details on the exact material used for the middle divider. Is it 1/8" Lexan?

Also, in the PDF drawings, there is no dimensions on the top covering or the bottom lexan plate. The easm cad seem to have 4 holes drilled into the bottom lexan, but the PDF does not have any details on the size of the holes.

Also, I cannot import the easm drawing into Alibre Design Standard, nor can I seem to export the various parts from Solidworks (trial version). Can I get a copy of the CAD for the middle divider in a format that I can use to get all the dimensions? Or at least details on the top and bottom plates in CAD or PDF with the hole dimensions and the screw placements.


Paul Tan
VRC Team 2027
FTC Team 27

Hi Paul,

I moved your questions into the Clean Sweep Q&A, as that seems like a better place for them.

I’m surprised you’re having trouble with the Solidworks Viewer File. You should be able to use the “Measure” tool and pull all the dimensions you need to redraw/reconstruct these parts directly off of them.

We have posted a (STEP) assembly of the VEX Clean Sweep wall here (below Appendix A):
Maybe this file will work better for you.

The top & bottom Lexan plates are actually part of the wall sides. Each wall section is constructed from (2) C-Channels of Lexan, riveted together. Those are the screw holes you’re seeing in the top and bottom, they are rivet holes.

The holes in the bottom where the small green balls sit are 0.75" diameter.

Yes, the wall is constructed from 1/8" Lexan.

Thanks! That helped a LOT!!

One more quick question though: are the cutouts for the medium sized footballs deliberately made to be octagonal/decagonal, or are they meant to be arcs/semicircles? What is implemented in the actual field?

Thanks again!!

Paul Tan.

They are “ent”-agonal shapes (I am at home, and don’t remember the actual # of sides). The CAD model represents the official implementation of the field.