Answered: Field Perimeter Definition

Hey Karthik,

I asked a Q and A ( about legal preloads.

This led to us trying to balance a cube on the post such that it is “fully inside the field perimeter.” We managed to get the cube to be fully within the perimeter measuring from the outer perimeter, but not from the inner perimeter. Which specification is the true “field perimeter?”

This is what I could find for the specs of the field perimeter:

The rules also state that Skyrise is played on a 12’x12’ field. We measured the fields at a local competition from outer edge to outer edge and they were all around an inch under 12’, so does this mean the outer perimeter is inside the 12’x12’ playing field?

Thanks Karthik! Sorry for being so nit-picky but it got confusing trying to find what actually defines the outer limit of the playing field.

For the purposes of the the definition of Preload and <SG2>, the Preload must be fully within the inner edges of the field perimeter.

You’re welcome! Thanks for asking your question in a clear and concise fashion.

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