Answered: Field Set Up Issue

at one competition we attended i noticed that the goals were incorrectly set up on the field, they were tilting into the field perimeter and were about 1/4 inch off the foam on the part because of the bowing effect. Because of this the goals were about 30.5 inches high, i understand that the manual says that the fields can be off by +or- 1 inch but i figured it would be better if we could push the poles of the goal down to get them to 30 inches (being that it says 30 inches the most in the manual) i asked the head ref before the first matches begun and he respectfully explained to us that the + or - 1 inch was still in regulation.

I’m simply asking for a quote or something that could allow us to make the goal as close to there stated heights as possible if the fix is as simple as a push twist to the goal poles

i don’t mean to complain about the competition just give a relevant background to my question

The final decision to alter the field in the way that you described is up to the Event Officials. If you have an issue with how the field is setup, patiently describe it to an Event Official, and ask them to rectify it. However, if the field is within the tolerances specified in <G13> (quoted below), you should not expect them to make any changes.