Answered: Field setup

Because I’m a “you have floor, I have event stuff” mentor, I’ve optimized the field setup. I take fields to dozens of events.

I use 16 hand screws to hold the frame together (1 min to build, 2 mins to take down. Kipp Star Grip, DIN 6336 Similar, D=1/4-20X20, D1= 25, External Thread, Steel, Black Plastic, Cap Black K0155.4A2X20 | Zoro

So this is the annual question on if field assembly with things that stick up past the field perimeter is a problem.


Provided that these do not interfere with any Robot operation or the travel of any Scoring Objects, this would be an acceptable modification.

Unless they are hanging on the perimeter or doing some really awesome bank shot off the wall, the handles are well out of the way.

As always, thanks for the prompt answers to our rule questions.

You’re welcome!