Answered: Finalists rule violation on both sides

This past weekend we participated in this years vex games. During the final rounds, both alliances were tied so a game three was played. During game three, blue alliance was playing aggressive and clearly sweeping cones to opposite corners of the field adjacent to the goal zones while the other robot on the blue alliance was picking up the blue mobile goals and scoring in the 20 and 10 zones. The red alliance was still trying to play their game, but at sometime in the round, a yellow goal got stick between two metal shafts on their robot and they were playing with it there.

In this senario, a violation was given to both teams.
Sg9 for blue and red alliances. The ultimate outcome was to ignore both violations to prevent a dq on both sides and the final score was 55 red alliance and-56 blue alliance.

What would you all have done in this situation? Would you have voided the match 3 and played a rematch or ignore the rule on both sides since they “offset” each other and go with the points scored as what happened here?

The other option I can see would be to go with the skills challenge score for a tiebreaker.

When a robot is Disqualified in an Elimination match, their entire Alliance is DQ’d and receives zero points. If Robots on both Alliances are Disqualified, then this means that both Alliances are Disqualified, resulting in a 0-0 tie. Thus, another match would need to be played.