Answered: first tutorial problems

In downloading the code for the First Tutorial, using the Build and Download menu button on casyC V4 for Cortex, a window reports the program is successfully built, next window reports program successfully downloaded. But robot does not run program. The robot is the BaseBot, controller is turned on.Robot light is solid green while the other 2 LED lights are dark. The On-line window and the IFI/intelitek Loader report messages “Cannot read device!”.
Earlier I had a successful “tether” of the controller and the joystick.
Ideas why robot does not run?
I have previously downloaded the master code, and recently downloaded the default code- interestingly when doing the latter from the Build and Download tab, it reported downloading the code, but in the Terminal Window (of the IFI/intelitek Loader window)data continuously scrolled and never stopped scrolling, the scroll data was in 15 columns of numbers and 4 columns of semi-colons.

Try this: Turn power OFF to the unit. Depress and Hold the CONFIG Switch using the 1/16” Allen Wrench or similar tool. You should feel and hear a “Click” when the Switch is depressed properly. While the Switch is depressed, connect the USB Cable to the unit’s USB port – the other end should already be connected to the PC. When all 3 LEDs on the Module are solid Green, quickly release the CONFIG Switch. You should now have 2 Green LED flashing on the unit. If you do, now try to do a Download Master Code again using the VEXnet Utility.

When you “Build and Download” / “Download Default Code” in easyC, it is normal for the data to scroll. This correlates to Joystick input when the Joystick is attached.

your suggestions worked, thanks

Glad we got you going again…