Answered: Fixing a Tipped Robot

In past tournaments, I’ve noticed that my robot is somewhat prone to tipping (it tipped 2 matches out of 8). I’ve re-positioned the arm and changed a few things here and there to try to prevent it from tipping. So far its been successful but I’m still worried that by some stroke of misfortune it will fall to the ground like this:

However, my robot is able to pick it self back up to this point. The back wheels are able to move the robot around the field

Now the problem here is that the arm is too heavy compared to the base to lift back up. If I try to lift the arm, the robot will just tip over again. However, if I apply some force to the front end (push down on the front with my hand), the robot can lift its arm to its normal position

Now my question is, if I drive my robot back to my starting tile, can I hold down the base so that the arm can return to its normal position. I am NOT manually lifting the arm (I’m using the controller) and am only trying to “fix” the robot.

No, this would not be legal. Let’s take a look at the rules to determine why.

Since your robot has left the Alliance Starting Tile, you are not allowed to handle it any longer.