Answered: Floating cubes

Im sorry to bother you againD: this is the thing, and maybe its been asked before but I havent found it: does a cube have to be touching the colored tiles to be considered scored in a skyrise? My refeeres just wont listen to me. They say the definition of Scored when it says ‘adjacent to’ means it has to touch those tiles and wont count if the cube is ‘floating’ even though a ‘part of the skyrise is within the outeredges of the cube’
Thanks in advance:D

A Cube does not need to be touching an Alliance Starting Tile to count as being Scored on a Skyrise. As long as part of the Skyrise is within the volume defined by the outer edges of the Cube, it will count as being Scored.

Thank you very much, you’re awesome Karthik:D

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You’re welcome!

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