Answered: Floor Goal Scoring

I am very confident that my view is correct, but at our last competition, the event organizers said otherwise.

The definition of scored is as follows:

The main point of the definition is number 1.

At the competition they said that at least 50% of the cube had to be on the tile. This makes no sense, and I can’t find that anywhere in the manual. I showed them the definition, and the person didn’t change the ruling because the person didn’t see any evidence to over-power his ruling.

In short, for a cube to be scored on the floor goals, the cube just has to touch the tile. There is no “50% of the cube has to be touching” or anything.

I know the rules, but the event organizers don’t like to listen to me.

Thanks :slight_smile:

The Q&A is not intended to be an avenue that simply restates what is in the manual. We ask that you please refrain from posting questions that you already know the answer to, especially when the answer is crystal clear in the manual.

There does not appear to be a question here. If the question is “does at least 50% of a Cube have to be on an Alliance Starting Tile to count as being Scored”, the answer is no. (Which you already knew)

If event organizers consistently are not listening you, perhaps you should try and determine why this problem is happening.

Thank you Karthik, and I agree. We showed them the rule in the manual, and they said that without your (Karthik’s) ruling, they would continue to rule as they had been (that 50% or more of the cube had to be touching the tile). A lot of my Q&A’s are really stupid because the answer is in the manual. But like I said, the event organizers consistently (over the past 3 years) refuse to change their rulings unless you directly address the issue on the forum, regardless of whether it’s specified in the manual or not.

Again, thanks Karthik :slight_smile:

If event coordinators are actually refusing to enforce the rules as written in the Game Manual as you allege, you should inform the RECF representative for the region.