Answered: Flow of Disqualification

If a red alliance robot, lets say red 1, is disqualified, the match continues according to the rules. knowing this, the drivers of red 1 continue breaking rules and somehow, angers a blue alliance robot, lets say blue 1. therefore, blue 1 breaks a rule and is also disqualified, but the match continues on.

  1. who gets disqualified first?

  2. if red 1 takes a doubler and scores the doubler, the red alliance wins. since red 1 is disqualified, will the doubler be considered not scored, causing the red alliance to lose?

  3. if blue 1 takes the doubler and scores, blue alliance wins. since blue is disqualified, would the doubler be considered not scored, causing the blue alliance to lose?

  4. follow up question of 2 and 3. if it was in a qualification match, would the opposing team ( blue for 2) and red for 3) ) win? which score point will be taken?

  5. follow up question of 2 and 3. what would happen if it was in a elimination match? if both teams are disqualified in a semi-final, would the winner of the other semifinal match win the tournament immediately?

Before we answer these questions, let’s take a look at what the VEX Gateway Game Manual has to say about Disqualifications.

All disqualifications are handed out at the end of the match. The order of the incidents does not affect any rulings.

No, unless Red 1 violated a rule calling for a disablement, they can continue to play the match. The doubler would count.

Please see the above answer.

The alliance with the most points scored would receive the win. There are no rules calling for the cancellation of points scored by a disqualified Robot.

No. If both alliances are disqualified in an elimination match, neither alliance would receive a win. The elimination series would continue until one alliance has won two matches.

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