Answered: Flywheel Ripcord

Would it be legal to use methods such as a ripcord to bring a flywheel up to speed right before the autonomous period begins?

<G8>only prohibits interaction during the autonomous period and I couldn’t find any other rule regarding interaction carrying into the match from before it started.

The ripcord would be something like a string wrapped around a spool on one of the axles going to the flywheel. Once all of the robots were set up and connected, one of the drive team members would pull the ripcord and the string would come off at the end.

Thanks Karthik!

Very cool idea, unfortunate this is illegal for a few reasons.

As such, you would not be allowed to adjust your robot to pre-start your flywheels.

However, I want to commend you for your creative (albeit illegal) approach here. You’ve demonstrated some outside the box thinking, as well a clear understanding of some of the more discreet strategic priorities in this game.

So there seems to be a certain amount of leniency with those rules. Teams rarely bring their robot to the field in its final starting configuration and place it in exactly the right spot the first time. There is usually a decent amount of adjustment that happens on the field. I’m assuming that the referees should still allow teams a reasonable amount of preparation, as it has been in the past?

Thank you, Karthik.

Yup, there’s definitely some leniency there for the typical adjustments. However, the leniency does not go so far to allow teams to use a cord to bring their flywheels up to speed.