Answered: foam specifications

I was hoping VEX or someone knowledgeable could tell me the exact specifications of the adhesive foam? I would like to buy a bigger stock of it at a better price if possible but it has to be identical to be game legal. Also if I have the same exact material but a different size would that not be legal? Like an inch thick instead of a quarter? The issue with VEX is even if I buy a screw the shipping is like $10.

From it’s product page, the Adhesive Foam is “fine celled, low compression set, high-density polyurethane foam”.

If you purchase the foam from elsewhere it must be identical to the Adhesive Foam VEX sells (i.e. 1/4" thick x 1" wide, no longer than 60" and matching the same composition) to be legal for use in VEX Skyrise. Please not that the final determination of whether or not the replacement is identical is up to the inspectors and referees at your event.