Answered: Followup - Pre-load tube extending outside the arena

I was at a competition this past weekend where a robot reloaded holding a tube over the goal. The robot did not move during autonomous and continued to hold the tube until operator control. When the operator started moving the tube was left behind on the goal.

Question - should this count as a goal for autonomous period? Seems to me that tubes are not counted at the end of teleoperated period if they are in contact with a robot. Would it not seem intuitive that a tube in contact with a robot at the end of autonomous period would be treated the same way? The 10 point difference + 2 points + 5 points would have made a difference in the outcome of the match.

Rule <SG3> from the VEX Round Up game manual covers this situation.

Thus any tube being touched by a robot of the same colour at the end of the autonomous period does not count as being scored.